The Charter Experience

A personal customised service: The crew makes a big difference for any yacht charter and will provide the ultimate level of service to ensure each charter is tailored to your needs. Whether that’s a platter of fresh fruit served mid-morning, sundowners in the sunset or a full three-course dinner, the crew are ready to make it happen. We always recommend reviewing crew profiles as part of the search criteria.

Expert itineraries:  Captains are familiar with the best anchorages, and acting as ‘local’ experts and guides can suggest the best on and offshore activities as well as where to source the best local produce to make the most of each destination.

A different view and a different adventure each day: There’s always so much to see and do in a new destination, so why limit yourself when you can enjoy your own private floating residence, and have a different view and adventure every day! You can still enjoy shore based activities, but then just imagine coming back to your own yacht where you can relax and unwind and enjoy gourmet food prepared by your own private chef without any long journeys and hassle.

On board entertainment: You can make the most of the spectacular on board experiences, including: beach clubs, outdoor cinemas, infinity pools, expansive dining spaces and water sports (jet skis, towables, paddle boards, kayaks, fishing, diving and submarines).

Where else would you find this level of privacy: The supreme level of privacy on board a superyacht is unparalleled. There are many private anchorages and access to beaches, coves, even hidden restaurants and beach clubs that you can only get to by boat.

Reasons to charter a yacht

What shoes can I wear on-board? It is perfectly acceptable to go barefoot on the yacht, most guests find it is more comfortable as well! Deck shoes may be worn but shoes for ashore should be taken off before coming back on board.

What personal watercraft can i use? In most cruising destinations, use of personal watercraft (i.e. wave-runners) may be restricted, forbidden or require a license based on local operating regulations. We can advise where these licenses may be obtained. 

How should I pack for my trip? We suggest packing your personal items in soft luggage bags as this enables easier storage on board.

Can we bring pets with us? No pets are allowed on board unless previously agreed and permitted by the Owner.

How far should you cruise? Cruising distances will vary according to your preferred itinerary, however to maximize your enjoyment we suggest cruising 6 or less hours per day and being flexible to change course for weather or more time to enjoy a particular new location.


When do I transfer the funds? In most cases you will be required to pay (by wire transfer) a deposit of 50% of the total charter fee upon signing the Charter Agreement. The remaining 50% of the charter fee plus the Advance Provisioning Allowance (APA), and any applicable taxes, delivery fees and security deposit are due one month before the beginning of your charter.

How do we arrange the menu with the chef? Culinary excellence is often the highlight of any charter and your yacht’s chef will customise this and arrange a menu selection in advance. Prior to your charter we will ask you to complete an information sheet noting your culinary preferences or any special dietary requirements, beverages, newspapers, flowers or other special requests. Details on any medical issues, allergies and special occasions can be noted. We encourage you to divulge as much information as possible to give the crew a detailed understanding before you step on board.

What contract is involved? Once you have decided you wish to proceed with booking the charter, you will be issued with a contract. This is likely one of 2 standard contracts depending on the cruising region. The most common is MYBA, endorsed by a leading London maritime lawyer. This contract has evolved over the last 20 years and is now regarded as the reliable industry standard. The 2 part AYCA is primarily used in the U.S. and with U.S. flagged vessels, also adopting terms from the MYBA Agreement.

Is there gratuity to pay at the end of the charter? If your charter has been everything you hoped it would be, by all means show your appreciation with a gratuity. However, please note that although crew gratuities are customary, they are left at your sole discretion. As a guideline, we would suggest between 10% and 20% of the charter fee to be split equally between the crew depending on the level of service.

Can I smoke on board? n most cases, smoking is not permitted inside the yacht for safety reasons. Many yachts operate a policy of smoking permitted on deck only, however, please check the policy as each yacht varies in their approach to smoking on board.

How does the yacht accommodate personal laundry? It is common practice on most yachts for small quantities of personal laundry to be carried out by the yacht’s crew as a service. Please note that these terms also allow the crew to refuse politely to do excessive quantities of laundry on board or to handle particularly delicate items. It may be possible to have certain laundry done ashore professionally if time allows, the cost of which will be deducted from the APA.

Regarding COVID: Most owners are being flexible and understand that you may have concerns over future travel restrictions, therefore we can add a special clause to the charter contract allowing a change to the dates or ports should you not be able to travel to the place of embarkation or disembarkation for the charter period agreed. Clauses can vary depending on the Owner and yachts schedule. For reassurance, we are also recommending a 12 month postponement clause to be written into the contract. In some instances we are seeing Owners offering a full cancelation if there is a restriction on travel to the yacht's destination. COVID tests can be arranged for crews prior to guests going on board. Longer periods between bookings are now standard to allow yachts to undertake a thorough COVID clean.

Is Scuba diving available on board? If a yacht does not advertise scuba diving as a guest facility, it is usually possible to arrange a local shore based diving company to bring all the necessary equipment and take you and your guests on a specific diving trip subject to local law restrictions. This is commonly referred to as “rendezvous diving”.