Planned Maintenance

Planned maintenance system (PMS), substantially increases the safety and operational reliability of a vessel, irrespective of size. PMS are a crucial factor in significantly reducing the failure of critical and non-critical machinery and parts in all departments.


Using our cloud-based software ensures the PMS is monitored and shared between crew, shore-based managers and owners in real time.


We document the manufacturer's recommended service procedures, ensuring these comply with classification and current regulation requirements. Each department and manager is alerted of pending or outstanding tasks to enable planning of maintenance procedures, resulting in minimal impact to the vessels and its owners operational plans.

Benefits To Owner & Vessel

  • Vessel maintained in line with the manufacturer's  recommendations

  • Provides better record keeping of all maintenance from crew

  • All vessel departments will have alerts set to respond to PMS tasks

  • Vessels  maintain a continuous record irrespective of crew changes

  • Recorded PM benefit crew or management handovers

  • Assist in annual hauling, refit planning and timing of works

  • Support in managing crew leave and crew rotations

  • Provides better credibility with surveyors during class surveys

  • Records of equipment ease the process of procurement

  • Less reliant on the shipyard

  • PMS will support asking price value and add further credibility

Benefits For Shipyard

  • Vessel maintained in line with warranty terms

  • Manufacturer's manuals and drawings uploaded for reference

  • All entries in the PMS will have alerts

  • Defects can be detailed and photo’s uploaded for reference

  • Shipyard / Management company can monitor the PMS

  • Reports can be exported, saved and printed

  • Shipyard has more control over warranty issues

  • Build photo’s of critical areas can be logged and recorded

  • Assist with procurement process


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